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Experience the toughest rally in the world

To experience the toughest rally in the world, we are pleased to offer our Eurol importers an all-inclusive trip to Latin America: the Republic of Chile! The Dakar rally will start on the 4th of January and the equipes will finish on the 18th of January 2014. You will enjoy this ultimate rally live and will get in touch with several teams and drivers. During this all-inclusive journey you will be part of 'Le Dakar 2014' at an exceptionally challenging and luxurious level. An unforgettable experience!

8-day packages worth € 5.375,-, contains:

-  Meet and greet with drivers and teams
-  V.I.P. pavilions including catering
-  Stay at a 5-star hotel
-  Drive off-road in a 4x4 jeep during a dakar stage
-  Spend the night in a unique Dakar bivouac
-  Watch the finish and attend the finish ceremony
-  Including all flights, transfers and hotels

Day 1 | Travelling day Tuesday 14 January 2014

Today is the first day of a trip to the most ultimate Dakar experience ever! On the programme is a night flight to Santiago, with arrival on Wednesday morning. You will be welcomed at Schiphol (or another airport) by the HV Productions team and make your acquaintance with your fellow travellers. 

The HV Productions team will of course assist you with checking in. (Flight times can vary depending on the airlines involved; 4 hours time difference).

Day 2 | Relaxing day Wednesday 15 January 2014

On arrival at Santiago airport you will be personally welcomed by our Dutch-speaking team with a direct transfer to the luxury 5-star Sheraton Hotel, where you will lack nothing. You can spend the rest of this day in Santiago at your discretion. Sniff the culture, go shopping, enjoy a cosy outdoor café in this lively city or just recover from the journey with a delightful repose in the hotel’s swimming pool. 

There is something very special in store for the evening! In collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Santiago de Chile we have organised a special evening in the form of an informal trade mission, where a number of successful entrepreneurs in Chile will talk about their experiences in this fascinating country. This evening is spent in a very special location in Santiago where you will be welcomed with champagne and delighted by delicious drinks, a musical intermezzo and dinner with live cooking elements in a breathtaking ambiance.

Day 3 | Dakar Action Day I Thursday 16 January 2014

In the morning, after breakfast, we leave for the airport to get a domestic flight from Santiago to Copiapo for the first Dakar Action Day, from where we drive on the first authentic rally stage with 4x4 Jeeps to El Salvador, the finish for this day’s stage. 

We interrupt this first stage in the middle of the desert, on the Le Dakar circuit. Specially for you we have set up a special VIP pavilion from whence you can see all rally competitors coming past. Of course you will lack nothing here. 

After the competitors have passed our passing place, we start our 4x4 Jeeps again for the last part of our first stage in the direction of El Salvador. 

Following all the unique experiences of this first “Dakar Action Day” we continue the evening and night in real Dakar style. To do this we set up a real private “Dakar Bivouac”, at the start of the next day’s stage, in the immediate vicinity of the official Dakar Bivouac. Here you will spend the night in style in tents. First we create a charming evening with among other things delicious drinks, typical Chilean top-catering, local live music and lots of cosiness. A unique experience! In collaboration with the teams a visit to the Driver’s Bivouac will also be a possibility.

Day 4 | Dakar Action Day II | Friday 17 January 2014

It will probably have been a short night and so most guests will be awakened by the roaring sound of the rally caused by the competitors at the start of the El Salvador – La Serena stage. 

Both during and after the passing of this rally ferocity you will be able to enjoy your delicious Bivouac breakfast even more. When the rally has passed, stomachs have been filled and peace has returned, it will be time for you yourself to start on the second authentic rally stage, for another day of unforgettable Dakar experiences. On this day we will ensure that the adrenalin reaches boiling point not only for the Dakar competitors but also for you. You are going to drive part of the El Salvador – La Serena stage in your own 4x4 Jeep. Again we set up a VIP pavilion on the circuit in the desert near Copiapo, which will also serve as our location for lunch today. This VIP Pavilion will be situated on a higher part of the desert, with a breathtaking view, so that we can see the rally competitors coming from kilometres away. 

After the rally has passed our VIP Pavilion, we will continue this day’s stage to eventually finish at Copiapo airport, from where we fly back to our home base Santiago. From Santiago airport you will be taken by transfer to our 5-star Sheraton hotel. 

In the hotel you will have time to freshen up and to prepare yourself for an exciting close of the day in the global metropolis of Santiago, situated at the foot of the Andes mountains. You can spend this evening at your own discretion. At the start of the evening you can enjoy the beautiful hotel swimming pool for a while or relax comfortably with a drink in the garden terrace. The town centre and central square are very cosy in the evenings. Santiago has numerous charming restaurants, a lively shopping centre and various pleasant bars and cafés.

Day 5 | Dakar Action Day III Saturday 18 January 2014

This morning after breakfast we leave in coaches for a ride of about 80 kilometres to Valparaiso. The last special stage of the Dakar 2014 will take place near this town. Here too we set up a VIP pavilion, where we see the competitors pass by. 

After all teams have finished and have walked off the ceremony stage, we drive back to Santiago. Here we round the evening off with a lovely dinner followed by a Final Drink, to which the Dutch competitors have also been invited in order to reflect together on an exclusive experience!

Day 6 | Relaxing day Sunday 19 January 2014

You can spend this day entirely at your own discretion. For the real “Dakar diehards” a bus trip can be organised to the harbour where all vehicles are embarked, but of course this is also an ideal day to recover from all the exceptional Dakar experiences of the past few days. 

At the start of the evening we will organise another cosy drink in order to round off our time in Chile in a pleasant manner. After the drink you can also spend the last evening in Santiago at your own discretion.

Day 7 | Travelling day Monday 20 January 2014

Today return flights to The Netherlands are on the programme. Everyone can spend the period up to departure time for the airport at their own discretion.

Day 8 | Arrival home Tuesday 21 January 2014

Arrival in Amsterdam, with a suitcase full of special experiences and looking back on a trip never to be forgotten!



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