Eurol Ultrance JLR 0W-30

Fully synthetic motor oil STJLR 03.5007

Eurol Ultrance JLR 0W-30 is a fully synthetic high performance oil for use in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles for which an engine oil is prescribed that meets STJLR 03.5007 specification.

Eurol Ultrance JLR 0W-30 provides an extremely stable lubricant film at the cold start and offers high thermal stability under heavy duty operating conditions. The oil is able to flow and to lubricate critical parts, preventing wear and ensuring engine protection.

Eurol Ultrance JLR 0W-30 provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion, while the used additive package keeps the engine clean and well lubricated.

Eurol Ultrance JLR 0W-30 is also suitable for use in engines where ACEA C2 or Ford WSS-M2C950-A with SAE 0W-30 are recommended.


Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5007


Ford WSS M2C-950A


Dichtheid bij 20°C0.839 kg/l
Viscositeit, kinematisch bij 100°C9.6 cSt
Viscositeit, kinematisch bij 40°C46.9 cSt
Viscositeit, dynamisch (CCS)5764 cP
Sulfaatas0.8 wt%
Vlampunt206 °C
Pour point-48 °C

Leverbaar in

E100166 - 210L
E100166 - 210L
E100166 - 210L