Eurol in Dakar: Riders fight through grueling third stage

Четверг, 05 Январь 2017

Eurol in Dakar: Riders fight through grueling third stage

Eurol is back in Dakar. Even in the toughest conditions, Eurol supports a lot of participants in the 2017 Dakar Rally. Every day, we bring you an update of their achievements.

The organization of the Dakar Rally promised a tough rally this year, and they made it happen already in stage three. Heat, sandy tracks and difficult navigation made it one of the hardest stages in the South-American history of the Dakar Rally.

The Eurol/Veka MAN Rallyteam did a good job by finishing in the top ten with both trucks. Hans Stacey took the fifth spot with his teammate Peter Versluis just twelve seconds behind. Pascal de Baar of Mammoet Rallysport finished inside the top ten aswell in eight place. Martin van den Brink of Mammoet Rallysport has not yet arrived in the bivac.

Steven Rotsaert is trying to get in the top-20 before the restday on Sunday. Rotsaert did another perfect job by finishing 22nd in just under an hour behind the leader. The third stage wasn’t a very long one for the trucks but it was a hard one. Aad van Velsen finished his Ginaf in 32nd place. Frank Tilburgs finished just in front of them on place 31.

Riwald Dakar Team
Gert Huzink of the Riwald Dakar Team had unfortunately retire from the 2017 Dakar Rally after a collision with another participant. The Renault truck of Huzink had too much damage to repair in time for the next stage. All people involved in the incident were unharmed.

Xavier de Soultrait had some difficulties navigating through the first part stage but stayed in contention during the second part of the stage. De Soultrait is still in the top 15 of the general classification after three stages.

Robert van Pelt and Maikel Verkade handled the extreme conditions very well. Considering that they’re both young, the finished well beyond expectations. Jurgen van den Goorbergh had a hard time after falling off in the beginning of the stage. Van den Goorbergh battled his way to the finish where he’s trying to repair his bike.

Kees Koolen handles the mixed conditions very cool in the third stage. Koolen fought for the win in the quad-category but had to pull off because off mechanical trouble. The Dutchman found the solution and finished 22nd.

Van Loon
Erik van Loon of the Overdrive Racing Team hit mechanical trouble in the third stage of the Dakar Rally. Van Loon had problems with fuel pressure but was able to reach the finish. Tim and Tom Coronel never give up. They hit mechanical failure as well in the early part of the stage but they fought their way to the finish.  Ebert Dollevoet did a fantastisch job finishing 39th overall. 

Unfortunately Jasper Riezebos has retired from the Dakar Rally. The Dutchman was hit by illness early in the rally, fought his way through but got the advise to retire from the rally. Riezebos is a tough guy who’ll be back for sure!