Lubricants for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

At Eurol, we understand the crucial importance of safe lubrication and cleaning in the food industry, hospitality, and the pharmaceutical sector. It's not just about keeping machines and production processes running smoothly, but also about ensuring consumer safety and protecting your reputation.
Lube PL FD  use in meat industry

Food-grade / NSF H1 Certification

Our extensive range of food-grade lubricants with SYNGIS Technology is specially developed for applications where occasional food contact is possible. Think of filling machines, mixing installations, ovens, freezers, and conveyor belts. These lubricants, like many cleaners in the Eurol Specialty range, are NSF H1 certified. Eurol Specialty products lubricate and protect your equipment, even at extreme temperatures. This contributes to lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan for your production equipment. We take pride in our ISO 21469 certification, which means we meet strict international requirements for lubricants that may come into contact with food. Moreover, many of our products are Halal certified, making them suitable for companies working with Halal-certified products.

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Eurol has various partners providing lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Visit the Eurol Dealer Locator to find where our lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries are available near you.

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