4 mai 2023


Eurol introduces Coolant -36°C GLX-AV

Eurol Lubricants introduces the new Coolant -36°C GLX-AV, a coolant that is perfectly suited for modern cars from various Japanese and Korean car brands including Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Mitsubishi. Based on P-OAT technology, this coolant is emphatically different from other coolants and is therefore indispensable in your workplace.

The Eurol Coolant -36°C GLX-AV (Asian Vehicles) contains the OAT Technology with phosphate compounds. This is also referred to as Phosphate Organic Additive Technology (P-OAT Technology). Due to its special composition, this coolant offers optimum heat transfer with extra protection against corrosion without the formation of deposits.

Product characteristics of the Eurol Coolant -36°C GLX-AV:

  • Suitable for cooling systems of both gasoline and diesel engines made of cast iron, aluminium or a combination of these metals.
  • Prevents the formation of deposits, corrosion, foaming, sludge and leakage.
  • Does not affect rubbers, plastics, metals and alloys.
  • Contains no silicates, amines and nitrites and offers improved hard water stability.
  • Broad coverage among Japanese and Korean automobile brands.
  • Also suitable for Ford electric and hybrid models.
  • Mixable with other (mono) ethylene glycol based coolants.
  • Available in a 5 litre bottle, 20 litre Bag-in-Box, 60 litre drum and 210 litre drum.
  • Available under Eurol article number E504030.

For the suitability of this coolant for specific vehicles, please go to our oil advisor.


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