4 mai 2023

Nouvelle huile moteur entièrement synthétique Eurol Ultrance ECO 0W-20 et Eurol Elance FE 0W-20.

Eurol introduces two new 0W-20 engine oils

In the trend towards low viscosity engine oils Eurol introduces the Eurol Elance FE 0W-20 and Eurol Ultrance ECO 0W-20. These two fully synthetic engine oils are formulated for new generation diesel and gasoline engines and contributes to fuel savings and CO2 reduction without compromising wear protection.

The Eurol Elance FE 0W-20 is a fully synthetic mid saps engine oil, formulated in order to comply with the RN 17 FE specification. This engine oil is suitable for specific gasoline and diesel engines (Euro 6d from mid 2018) from Renault and Dacia and for vehicles for which ACEA C5 is prescribed. This product is available in a 1 liter packaging, 20 liter Bag in Box and a 210 liter barrel.

With the introduction of the Eurol Ultrance ECO 0W-20, Eurol offers a fully synthetic engine oil suitable for passenger cars, vans and SUVs. The Ultrance ECO 0W-20 meets the OEM standards and is therefore widely applicable. The Eurol Ultrance ECO 0W-20 is available in a 1 and 5 liter bottle, 20 liter Bag in Box, 60 liter drum and a 210 liter drum.

For the suitability of this engine oil for specific vehicles, please check our oil advisor.

Order directly? Please contact our sales department via telephone number +31 548 75 02 20 or email address intersales@eurol.com

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