4 mai 2023

Nasser et Matthieu, vainqueurs du Dakar 2022 pour Toyota GAZOO Racing.

Eurol wins Dakar 2022 together with Toyota GAZOO Racing

Toyota GAZOO Racing has won the 2022 Dakar rally. Driver Nasser Al Attiyah and navigator Mathieu Baumel set the fastest time on all 12 stages in Saudi Arabia. Toyota's reliability and quality once again proved itself in this tough Dakar edition. The Japanese car brand relies on the Eurol Specialty racing line in the Dakar rally. Glyn Hall, Team Manager Toyota GAZOO Racing said: "The importance of lubrication is crucial in the world's toughest rally. Eurol has made a proven contribution to its success."

The Dutch developer and manufacturer of lubricants has been supporting Toyota's factory team in the lubrication field since 2019. With success, because in that year Toyota won the Dakar rally for the first time in history in the car classification.

Impressed with the lubrication properties

Glyn Hall said about the collaboration: “Winning the Dakar Rally is the sum of many factors. In a rally where conditions are so extremely tough, lubrication is critical. This requires lubricants that match the innovative materials and techniques that we use in the Dakar rally. We use the Eurol Specialty racing line with SYNGIS Technology and we are impressed with the lubrication properties. Eurol has made a proven contribution to the success.”

Long term partnership

Martijn Pfeiffer, CEO of Eurol lubricants: "We congratulate the Toyota GAZOO Racing team with this great result. We have been working together for many years, including the testing and further development of our products. Winning the Dakar title fits perfectly with the course we are taking as Eurol; developing innovative lubricants with unparalleled properties in terms of performance, wear protection, durability, cost savings and safe operation."