4 mai 2023

Équipe Riwald Dakar : Projet futur Renault C460 Hybrid Dakar

Riwald part of Dakar Future, together towards a sustainable future!

Since 2019, Riwald Dakar Team is driving the Dakar rally with a hybrid truck. The team from Almelo The Netherlands, was the first participant at the start with an alternative energy and power source. The ambitions of the Riwald Dakar Team have not gone unnoticed by the ASO, organizer of the Dakar rally. Because of that, the team is now part of the Dakar Future project.

The development of the hybrid Dakar truck in the world's toughest rally fits perfectly with the ambition of Riwald Recycling and Eurol. Riwald Recycling is one of the leading metal recycling companies in the world and a pioneer in the use of hybrid and fully electric powered cranes. It is therefore logical that the Riwald Dakar team has also opted for a hybrid off-road truck for the upcoming Dakar rally. Gert Huzink of Riwald: "It is not easy to bring something new, but we are convinced that we need to invest in sustainability, even if it is by trial and error. We have faith that we can perfect the hybrid Dakar truck in collaboration with the builder MKR Technology. Partly because of the knowledge we are gaining from this project, we are exploring the possibilities of building an full electric truck."

Dakar as a testing stage

For many years, Eurol has been lubricating Riwald Recycling's hybrid and electrical equipment as well as the Dakar hybrid truck. For this we use our Specialty lubricants with SYNGIS Technology. In addition to the unmatched protective and lubricating properties of this innovative technology, many Eurol Specialty products are free of microplastics and chlorinated paraffins. Eurol Specialty products are better for people and the environment due to their composition and energy saving properties.

The Riwald Dakar Team is proud to be part of the Dakar Future project, as the first participant of the famous rally with a hybrid truck. This project involves the gradual energy transition to emission-free Dakar vehicles. The Dakar organization wants to play a major role in the development of new sustainable technologies with the knowledge that they will play an important role in future production vehicles.

Riwald Dakar Team in action