8 février 2024

Maximaal rendement op verticaal transport

Vertical transport with maximum efficiency

In the vertical transport sector, where telescopic cranes and truck-mounted cranes are extensively used, adequate lubrication of sliding parts and steel cables is very important. Traditional, black-colored and other outdated greases often do not meet current requirements, resulting in malfunctions, excessive maintenance, and unforeseen downtime. This not only impacts operational availability but also reduces the lifespan and efficiency of the equipment. These kinds of problems can be easily avoided by switching to modern lubrication technologies.

Choosing traditional greases for the lubrication of crane telescopic sections and cables brings several disadvantages:

1. Excessive oil bleeding and toughness

Black and other regular greases tend to separate oil, known as oil bleeding. This phenomenon makes the grease tough, preventing the required lubrication from being maintained. Especially in the summer, when it's warm, oil bleeding can be very noticeable. In the workshop, the oil can often be seen floating on the grease in the grease drum.

2. Insufficient anti-wear properties

The lubricating properties of black and old-generation greases are often insufficient for the heavy loads to which the sliding parts of cranes are exposed. This leads to excessive wear and reduced lifespan of parts and ultimately the crane, resulting in high maintenance costs.

3. Poor water resistance and corrosion

Under the grease, corrosion can occur on the surface of the crane's sliding parts, especially in humid weather conditions or when working on the coast. This leads to costly repairs, unnecessary maintenance, and downtime.

4. Pollution of the environment and workshop

Using black greases makes crane maintenance a dirty job. Hands, work clothes, tools, and the workshop often become black and dirty, which not only causes inconvenience but also pollutes the working environment and workshop.

Modern lubrication equipment and greases

For lubricating the sliding parts of telescopic cranes, a traditional grease roller or brush is often still used. This results in an uneven distribution of the grease and a messy job with dripping grease. An innovative solution for this is Eurol's air-pressure grease gun. This advanced tool allows for an even and clean application of grease to the surface of the telescopic sections, making the lubrication process simple and efficient. It minimizes waste, ensures a homogeneous lubricant layer on the surface of the sliding parts, and contributes to a clean working environment.

Protection and lubrication of steel cables

For the protection and lubrication of steel cables, Eurol offers Lube PL. This product, available in jerrycans, barrels, and a handy spray can, penetrates deep into the steel cable and forms a clean, transparent, water-resistant lubricating film. Eurol Lube PL protects against corrosion and ensures that the steel cable remains flexible. Inspecting the cable for rust or damage is easy.

Cleaning and lubrication of sliding parts

For the lubrication of the sliding parts of a telescopic crane, Eurol offers Grease CS-2/103-S, a modern light-colored grease that can be nebulized onto the sliding parts of the telescopic crane with an air-pressure spray gun. It does not bleed oil and is very water-resistant. Additionally, there is Eurol Lube CL-F, an oil alternative for customers who prefer a liquid lubricant. Both lubricants offer high protection against corrosion and wear, even at sea, thanks to the Eurol SYNGIS Technology incorporated in both products. For those seeking environmentally friendly solutions, Eurol also has biodegradable alternatives available.

For optimal lubrication, the sliding parts of telescopic cranes should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the new lubricant. Removing old grease and caked dirt is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the new lubricant. Eurol has developed the cleaning agent Eurol Swift Clean 110 for this purpose. It is important to ensure that any residues of the cleaning agent remaining on the surface of the sliding parts do not negatively affect the properties of the freshly applied lubricant. For those who prefer a biodegradable cleaning agent, Eurol also has suitable alternatives available.

The importance of modern lubrication

The importance of proper modern lubrication for telescopic cranes and truck-mounted cranes cannot be underestimated. Using black and old-generation greases brings significant disadvantages. Exploring modern lubricants, such as the afore mentioned Eurol Specialty lubricants, improves the performance of heavy equipment in vertical transport, resulting in greater efficiency.