9 mai 2023

Toyota GAZOO gears

Transfert de puissance entre les engrenages de la transmission et le différentiel pour le Toyota Hilux 4x4 au Rallye Dakar, avec l'huile Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140.
Material Savings
Cost Savings: €7,800Reduction in Wear: 60%
Description of situation

The transmission oils have to protect all lubricated parts during the complete Dakar Rally with minimal friction and wear. The previously used products were acceptable but wear was still higher than desirable.

MarketRace & Rally
Lubrication PointTransmission, transfer case, differential
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 75W-140
Article NumberS099004-4L
Product UsageTransmission oil

Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140 transmission oil offers very good wear protection and lowers friction. This results in much less wear metal in the oil that was analysed and compared with the previously used Elf HTX 755 transmission oil. In the Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140 samples, 3 times less wear metals were found, which is a spectacular result.

Customer testimonial

Glyn Hall, general manager, Toyota GAZOO Racing: “This is definitely what we want to see. We are constantly improving the cars and reliability is extremely important. This new transmission oil helps us to create a better car.”

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