9 mai 2023

Automatic gearbox MKR

Fluide de transmission automatique Eurol Specialty Racing ATF pour la boîte de vitesses automatique ZF Ecomat du camion de rallye Dakar.
Cost savings
€8,900 per year
Material savings

Reduction in wear: 66%

Description of situation

The original ZF automatic transmission fluid was not developed for racing conditions. The protection at high temperatures is not optimal. In addition, the wear was relatively high and the viscosity increased significantly during the Dakar Rally.

MarketRace & Rally
Lubrication Point Automatic transmission
ProductEurol Specialty Racing ATF
Article NumberS099005-4L
Product UsageTransmission oil

The use of Eurol Specialty Racing ATF resulted in almost 4 times less wear and the fluid itself was as good as new after the full Dakar Rally.

Customer testimonial

Mario Kress, CEO, MKR Technology: “This Racing ATF definitely offers us a lot of extra reliability. Just by looking at the used fluids, you can already clearly see the difference.”

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