9 mai 2023

Brake Fluid – Porsche

Fluide de freinage Eurol Specialty Racing pour les freins de piste de la Porsche Cayman.
Temperature tolerance : +8°C
Description of situation

Porsche uses active torque vectoring in a corner by applying the brakes on the inside wheels to increase corner speed. When track racing, applying the brakes in every corner massively increases the load on the brake fluid, causing brake pedal fade.

Lubrication PointBrakes
ProductEurol Specialty Rfracing Brake Fluid
Article NumberS099006-500ML BLR

Eurol Specialty Racing Brake Fluid has an exceptionally high boiling point of 335°C, ensuring an excellent response and firm pedal feel, even after a long track day.

Customer testimonial

Patrick Verkerk, Owner, RFF Motorsport: “Perfect, this is the first brake fluid with which we do not get brake fade because of the PTV system on a Cayman. It outperforms Endless RF650 on a track day.”

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