9 mai 2023

Less wear in Hyundai I20 engine block

Huile de rallye Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40 pour la boîte de vitesses et le différentiel de la Hyundai i20 R5 rallye
Material Savings
Reduction in Wear: 46%
Oil Pressure: +15%
Oil Temperature: -4.1 °C
Description of problem

Bob de Jong is a famous Dutch rally driver and also the Dutch Rally Champion. Bob is always looking for better performances and less friction for the car by using the best lubricants.

MarketRace & Rally
Lubrication PointGearbox, differential
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 0W-40
Article NumberS099001-1L



The engine was cleaned and filled with Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40. After 21 race km’s on the test track the oil was changed with Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40 with SYNGIS Technology also with 21 race km’s on the same test track in Nordhorn, Germany.

46% less wear (11,8 vs 6,4 ppm iron in the engine oil), 0,6 bar higher oil pressure (3,9 vs 4,5) and 4,1°C lower oil temperature (88,1 vs 84,0).

The Eurol Specialty 0W-40 contributes significantly in wear and friction reduction compared to the Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40.

Customer testimonial

Bob de Jong, Rally driver: ‘’These are great results that make the car deliver its full potential for a longer time.”