13 octobre 2023

Lubricating bearings disc coulters, manure injector 

Injecteur d'engrais Vredo

€5,000 per year.

Material Savings

No more downtime during the season
Reduced usage of the lubricating product

Description of the Situation

The disc coulter bearings of the manure injector undergo heavy loads and come into contact with manure, sand, and water. The ammonia present in the manure leads to an alkaline reaction that causes corrosion. In conjunction with the sand, water, and heavy mechanical loads, a severe wear pattern develops. This results in the need to replace the bearings annually at the beginning or end of the season, leading to high costs. Additionally, downtime during the working season is a common occurrence.

Lubrication PointDisc Coulter Bearings
Used ProductEurol Grease CS-2/103-S
Article NumberS005109
Product typeVredo Manure Injector

Eurol Grease CS-2/103-S is a type of grease resistant to the effects of acids, sand, and water. The grease creates a protective film in the bearings, significantly extending their lifespan. This protective layer prevents soil particles from coming into direct contact with the bearings, reducing wear caused by abrasive ground elements. Because the grease repels water and manure when using CS-2/103-S, the lifespan of the bearings is extended to the point where replacement at the beginning or end of the season is no longer necessary.