9 mai 2023

Saving on bearings at Polskamp Meat Industry

Material Savings
Reduction in Wear: 50%Reduction in Unnecessary Machine Downtime: 100%
Description of situation

Polskamp Meat Industrie specializes in separating chicken meat from the bone. The production lines run around the clock to process various parts of the chicken into high-quality semi-finished products for further processing. Improper lubrication on parts such as conveyor belts, freezers and delaying bins can lead to high repair costs and production downtime.

Lubrication PointConveyor belt
ProductEurol Specialty Grease CS-2/102 FD
Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT
Eurol BIO Grease SI-000/101-S
Article NumberS005118-400G
Product UsageLubricating greases

Once a year the bearings of the conveyor belt are preventively replaced. Previously, the bearings were already breaking down before annual maintenance was carried out. Since the use of Eurol Grease CS-2/102 FD this is no longer the case. The bearings last longer.

This was also the case with the freezers at Polskamp. The bearings regularly broke down. Since using Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT, the bearings last longer. This grease was specially developed for extremely low temperatures.

Eurol Grease CS-2/101 FD and HY-1/101 FD are both food grade InS H1 / NSF H1 certified and therefore suitable for incidental food contact in the food industry.

In addition, Polskamp has gearboxes to drive screws. The gearbox previously had a lifetime of up to half a year. Thanks to Eurol BIO Grease SI-000/101-S it will last twice as long and the tray will be replaced preventively once a year.

Customer testimonial

Marrold Pul, Polskamp Technical Services employee: "If a gearbox is in danger of breaking down, we put the Specialty grease in and then the gearbox will last a while. This is not possible with another lubricant. With the BIO Grease, we save on bearings, gearboxes and downtime is prevented!"