9 mai 2023

WTCR Sequential Gearbox

Transmission séquentielle pour le WTCR avec l'huile Eurol Specialty Racing 75W 140.
Material savings
Reduction in wear: 8%
Temperature decrease: 39%
Description of situation

The sequential gearbox is equipped with dog clutches as synchronizers. These dog clutches are often subject to high wear, as they need to engage while the vehicle is operating under high load.

Lubrication PointBearings and chains
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 75W-140
Article NumberS099004-1L
Product UsageSequential transmission

Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140 is capable of absorbing the shocks and will keep the dog clutches intact. Also, overall friction in the gearbox is reduced, resulting in a lower operating temperature. Temperature evolution in the gearbox was tested at Zolder, Belgium and for Racing 75W-140 was found to be +1,7°C/lap, compared to +2,8°C/lap for ELF HTX 755.

Customer testimonial

François Verbist, Team Manager, Comtoyou Racing: “During races, the new Eurol transmission oil reached lower temperature. The gearbox lubricated with Racing 75W-140 was the only gearbox which did not have issues throughout the season. Wear was spectacularly less, normally all parts are worn after the season but now we will just replace the bearings and the final drive gear to make it ready for competition.”

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