4 mai 2023

Eurol AdBlue est maintenant disponible en emballage de 5 litres, en combinaison avec des lubrifiants.

Eurol introduces AdBlue in a handy 5L packaging with a pouring spout

More and more diesel engines in cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles use AdBlue to reduce harmful NOx emissions. Eurol introduces a high-quality AdBlue in a handy 5 and 10-liter packaging and in 210 liter bulk packaging.

Since 2006, AdBlue has been used in heavy duty vehicles with a SCR-system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to comply with Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 legislation. Since 2014, AdBlue is also becoming more common in cars with Euro 6 diesel engines with SCR systems. AdBlue from Eurol is a clear fluid designed to treat exhaust gases to meet the emission standards.

To ensure proper operation of the SCR system and to prevent damage to the catalytic converter, it is important to use high-quality AdBlue. AdBlue from Eurol meets all required qualifications and is mixed with the exhaust gases in the SCR system. The chemical reaction between AdBlue from Eurol and the exhaust gases in the SCR system converts harmful NOx emissions into harmless water and nitrogen.

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