4 mai 2023

Expansion des produits Bag in Box d'Eurol.

Eurol introduces Bag in box

Eurol launches the Bag in box with a capacity of 20 litres. This new packaging variant fits in the existing Eurol workshop rack of 12 x 20 litres. With the Bag in box system Eurol offers ease of use, sustainability and professionalism in every workshop.

The Bag in box system consists of a plastic bag with a faucet, packed in a recyclable solid cardboard packaging with handles. The airtight packaging allows the liquid to flow out of the Bag in box as a constant stream


Ease of use

Maarten Gerritsen, International Sales Manager at Eurol: "We are introducing the Bag in Box as an additional packaging variant for 19 products, consisting of engine oils, coolants and hydraulic oils for automotive, truck, agri, industry and earthmoving, among others. The well-known blue Eurol 20 litre can also remains available as a packaging variant, so the garage owner has a choice. Both packaging variants fit in the metal Eurol workshop rack of 12 x 20 litres. This is a great advantage for the user".


The Eurol Bag in box contains 89% less plastic compared to a plastic can. In addition, the volume of waste is reduced by more than 90%. After use, the cardboard and plastic bag can be disposed of separately. The cardboard of the Bag in box is 100% recyclable. This makes the Eurol Bag in box a future-oriented solution, suitable for every workshop.

For more information or placing orders, please contact your Eurol Account Manager.

The following products are available as a 20 litres Bag in box:

  • E100018 20L BIB – Eurol Ultrance PSA 0W-30
  • E100062 20L BIB – Eurol Syntence 5W-30
  • E100092 20L BIB – Eurol Super Lite 5W-40
  • E100069 20L BIB – Eurol Fluence FE 5W-30
  • E100076 20L BIB – Eurol Fluence DXS 5W-30
  • E100065 20L BIB – Eurol Fortence 5W-30
  • E100012 20L BIB – Eurol Elance 5W-30
  • E100058 20L BIB – Eurol Actence 5W-30
  • E100072 20L BIB – Eurol Ecopower 5W-20
  • E100094 20L BIB – Eurol Turbosyn 10W-40
  • E100112 20L BIB – Eurol Diesel-Guard 15W-40
  • E100124 20L BIB – Eurol Globence 15W-40
  • E100121 20L BIB – Eurol Geo-Max 10W-40
  • E504140 20L BIB – Eurol Coolant XL -36°C
  • E504144 20L BIB – Eurol Coolant -36°C GLX
  • E504100 20L BIB – Eurol Coolant -26°C BS 6580
  • E108810 20L BIB – Eurol Hykrol VHLP ISO 46
  • E105820 20L BIB – Eurol Hykrol JD 68
  • E108720 20L BIB – Eurol Hykrol HLP ISO 46