9 mai 2023


Étude de cas sur le différentiel de la BMW M3 GTR avec la ligne Eurol Specialty Racing.
Cost savings: €2,900 Reduction in wear: 12%
Description of situation

Overheating differential in BMW E46 M3 GTR. Differential cannot be filled with 75W-140 because of used oil cooler. Therefore a 75W-90 differential oil with exceptional wear protection is required.


Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-90 reduces wear, flows more easily and is not susceptible to shear, so it will have a very stable viscosity during use. Amount of wear metals in used oil analysis, depending on which, is down between 10% and 50% after switching to Racing 75W-90, even though gears were new.

Customer testimonial

Johan van der Maat, CEO, BS Racing: “This new 75W-90 Racing oil does work very well. With the previous used oils and additives we still had too much wear and recently even a complete diff failure. Wear and temperature is lower and when cold it pumps easily through the cooler.