9 mai 2023

NASCAR Engine Dyno

Moteur V8 Nascar de 5,86 litres pour la course sur ovale avec l'huile moteur Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40.
Material savings
Increase in oil pressure: 3%Increase in power: 1.2%
Description of situation

Engines tuned for Mobil1 0W-30, difficult to get hold of. Dutch tuner APP Racing Engines works with a NASCAR engine with flat tappet cams which produces more than 150bhp/L, extreme for a naturally aspirated engine.

Lubrication PointEngine
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 0W-40
Article NumberS099001-1L
Product UsageNascar 5.86L V8

Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40 has sufficiently high ZDDP content to protect the flat tappets on the camshaft and offers extreme protection against wear. Engine ran without mishap.

Customer testimonial

Aart Andriessen, CEO, APP Racing engines: “3% higher oil pressure, excellent wear protection, high power output. Engine was very clean and did not show any signs of wear after many hours of testing on our dyno.”