22 septembre 2023

Reduced wear on vertical sliding parts of the Reachstacker

Reachstacker Tripoli
Minimal environmental impact.
Prevention of wear on sliding parts, contributing to environmental protection.
Description of the Situation

In ports, during the handling and transfer of containers, a Reachstacker is often used. This machine is equipped with horizontal and vertical sliding parts for moving containers of approximately 40,000 kg. Previously, molybdenum disulfide grease, also known as MOS2, was used for lubricating the Reachstacker. However, this grease was not resistant to factors such as seawater, salt air, sunlight, and extreme heat up to 50°C. As a result, the grease dried out, caused severe 'bleeding', and polluted both the soil and the seawater.

MarketShipping & Offshore
Lubrication PointE-excavator
Used ProductEurol Grease CS-2/502-S Spray
Article numberS005121
Product UsageLubrication of sliding parts - Reachstacker

The use of 502S spray has significantly reduced the lubrication frequency for the sliding parts from every two months to just once every six months. This leads to less wear on the sliding parts and extends the lifespan of the crane. Additionally, the use of 502S creates a cleaner and safer working environment, as it is free from microplastics and chloroparaffins. The non-'bleeding' nature of the lubricant prevents pollution of the soil and seawater. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right lubricants to protect the environment and prevent excessive depletion of natural resources.