9. Mai 2023

WTCR 2.0 Turbo Engine

WTCR Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40: Audi RS 3 LMS Motor
Reduction in wear: 40%Reduction in friction: 1.1%
Description of situation

Engine is developed for competition use. All engines are sealed, only performance benefits can be achieved by altering lubricants such as the engine oil. Eurol Racing 0W-40 was compared to Elf HTX 840 between two WTCR cars with equal aero set-up.

Lubrication PointTurbo engine
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 0W-40
Article NumberS099001-1L

Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40 offers a lower friction coefficient, from the cold start to the engine on operating temperature. Combined with outstanding wear protection, top speed increases of 1 kph have been measured on low top-speed tracks like Zolder. This is a direct result of lower friction in the engine and drivetrain.

Customer testimonial

Francois Verbist, Team Manager, Comtoyou Racing: “Approximately 0.8 kph faster on average for car equipped with Racing 0W-40, even though the track (Zolder, Belgium) is not suited to top speed runs, as the car only gets up to 210 kph.”