2. Oktober 2019

Protection of mowers against crop damage

Schutz von Mähmaschinen vor Pflanzensäften: Eurol Specialty Praxisfall
Material savings

JvESCH was able to change from three greases to one lubricant for the maintenance of the machines. With Eurol Grease CS-2/501, not only has the frequency of lubrication been reduced, but a reduction of 20% to 25% in the amount of grease required has also been achieved.

The total annual saving for JvESCH, which applies Eurol Grease CS-2/501 in 300 of its machines, will be thousands of euros.

Description of the situation:

Product use: three greases for three different applications (pin and bush connections; bearings; underwater application involving grasses).

Thomas Span is the workshop manager at JvESCH in Cromvoirt, where he is responsible for the daily management of mechanics, the maintenance and operation of the machines and the purchase of lubricants. Thomas Span had been looking for a single grease that could replace the three current greases. Three different greases were used, each with its own application: pin and bush connections, bearings and underwater application. Crops play a role in this. The desire was to make lubrication more efficient so as to reduce the risk of misapplication and downtime.

Lubrication PointPin and bush connections, bearings, and underwater applications
ProductEurol Grease CS-2/301
Article NumberS005120-400G
Product UsageLubricating Greases



With Eurol Grease CS-2/501, all three applications were lubricated and protected against crop damage. JvESCH was therefore able to change from three to one lubricant for the machines. As a result, the maintenance of the machines and the risk of errors was reduced.