16. März 2016


Eurol Introduces Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS Technology

Eurol takes the next step in the development of specialty lubricants. With the introduction of 'Specialty Lubricants,' Eurol launches a line of high-quality specialty lubricants that help save costs and increase efficiency. The SYNGIS® Technology in the Specialty Lubricants ensures that lubricating and protective properties are maximized under extreme conditions.

SYNGIS® Technology ensures superior lubricating properties

The development of Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS Technology was preceded by years of research. The technology, developed by the Eurol R&D laboratory in collaboration with knowledge institutes, is characterized by a synergistic combination of new-generation additives with synthetic base oils and/or thickeners. This combination results in the lowest possible friction and strong protective properties.

Eurol Specialty Lubricants are designed for extreme and highly variable conditions, including in terms of pressure and endurance loading, temperatures, and humidity. The Specialty Lubricants range also includes food-grade certified lubricants suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Demonstrable Savings for Our Customers

Martijn Pfeiffer, Director of Eurol, on the new line: "The use of Specialty Lubricants by our customers leads to savings in time and money. Through use, machine parts wear less quickly, maintenance costs decrease, and production capacity increases. On the new website eurolspecialty.com, information can be found about the savings we offer for our customers. [Edit - September 2023; The website is now integrated into this website, new links: Eurol Specialty and SYNGIS Technology]

Customized Lubricants

Pfeiffer continues: "Within the Eurol organization, we have assembled a Specialty Lubricants team consisting of developers, engineers, consultants, and technical support desks. The advantage for the customer is that we are able, with these specialists, to offer customized solutions for a variety of lubrication-related issues. This goes so far that, if necessary, we will develop a new lubricant together with the customer. This is an advanced form of co-creation by which we clearly set ourselves apart."