18. Dezember 2023


Eurol Introduces the Ultrance ST 0W-20

Eurol announces the introduction of the Ultrance ST 0W-20 engine oil, an advanced fuel-saving and fully synthetic formula. This engine oil is specially developed for Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall, and Citroën engines where PSA B71 2010 is recommended. The Ultrance ST 0W-20 is also suitable for engines meeting the ACEA C5 performance requirements.
Low Viscosity

The low viscosity of the Eurol Ultrance ST 0W-20 helps users meet stricter emission standards while maintaining the required fuel efficiency and wear protection, even under continuous load and in extreme temperature conditions.

This engine oil is not only suitable for hybrid, petrol, and diesel engines but also for engines running on alternative fuels such as LPG, CNG, biodiesel (B10), and ethanol (E85). Additionally, the Eurol Ultrance ST 0W-20 is a suitable choice for various Stellantis vehicles that comply with Euro 6 emission standards and CO2 limitations. Many engines use the PSA B71 2010 specification of the Eurol Ultrance ST 0W-20 as a replacement for the PSA B71 2312 SAE 0W-30 specification in the Eurol Ultrance PSA 0W-30.


The Ultrance ST 0W-20, with article number E100182, is available in a 1-liter bottle, a 5-liter bottle, a 20-liter bag-in-box, a 60-liter drum, and a 210-liter barrel.

More Information?

For more information, please contact our International Sales department at order@eurol.com.