3. Oktober 2019

Klassische Autos sind in den Eurol Produktberater aufgenommen.

From now on also classic cars in Eurol product advisor

Looking for the right lubricants for an Old Timer? From now on, classic cars are also included in the Eurol product advisor on the Eurol website. You can search on the 'classic cars' segment, where you will find various brands and models of Old Timers.

The Eurol product advisor has been expanded on the basis of an increasing need for lubrication advice for classic cars. In addition, Eurol offers a wide range of products, including various lubricants that are ideally suited for classic vehicles.

Check out the product advisor to get suitable product advice for your classic car.

The Eurol classic car advisor gives product advice on almost all lubrication points of the vehicle. The Eurol classic car advisor includes:

  • ± 3000 types in the data
  • Oldest vehicle: Ford Model T 1909 - 1927
  • ± 500 types < 1960
  • Most types per Brand: Ford (EU) - 217 types
  • Most types per Model: Volvo 240 - 42 types
  • 10% USA types
  • 10% Japan types



In most European countries a car is considered to be an Old Timer when it is 30 years or older. However, the older the vehicle, the greater the risk of incomplete information in the database. The database is therefore continuously updated.

Although the coverage of the advisor is already quite wide, you may not be able to find the Old Timer you are looking for. Can't find the right advice for your vehicle? Please contact our service desk via telephone number +31 (0)548 750 210. They will be happy to talk to you and can help you further.