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Sea container door locking mechanism

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Efficient lubrication reduces the need for using multiple products. This leads to less environmental impact and an estimated financial saving of 150 euros per container. Thus, the total savings are manifested in both reduced material usage and cost reduction.

Description of the situation

The door locking mechanism of sea containers operates through a lever principle. The hinges and the lock or closing mechanism are traditionally lubricated with lithium grease. However, this grease is not resistant to (salt) water, leading to the hinges becoming stiff, corroding, and the grease washing away. Sea containers do not require storage on a liquid-tight floor. This results in pollution at the location, recognizable by the familiar blue oil rings.

MarketShipping & Offshore
Lubrication PointSea container door locking mechanism 
Used ProductEurol Lube PL Spray 400ML
Eurol Lube PL BIO Spray 400ML
Article numberS005120 
Product UsageSea Container

By replacing the lithium grease with Eurol Lube PL or its biodegradable variant, Eurol Lube PL BIO, excessive lubrication is no longer necessary. This approach not only saves the environment but also ensures good corrosion protection for the locking mechanism and hinges of the container. It provides protection against all weather conditions and extreme situations, such as salt air and water during sea transport. Switching to a Lube PL Aerosol results in more efficient and cleaner lubrication with fewer products, as Lube PL and Lube PL BIO can also be used as lock spray. Besides environmental conservation, a realistic cost saving of 150 euros per container is achievable.