29 de agosto

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Expansion of Eurol Specialty Lube PL Range

Eurol introduces a food-grade and a biodegradable version of Eurol Lube PL with SYNGIS Technology. Lube PL is known for its dry, anti-wear and creeping lubricating properties, now available for a wide range of applications. At the same time, Eurol is introducing an automatic “Refill Aerosol Station,” which allows the Specialty series of Eurol Lube PL to be used in a sustainable, refillable air-pressure spray bottle.

Eurol Lube PL FD with SYNGIS Technology is food-grade NSF H1 certified, making it suitable for incidental food contact. This makes it a universally applicable food-grade lubricant suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, agriculture, and horticulture. The lubricant can be applied to all open lubrication points such as couplings, bearings, hinges, chains, cables, and conveyors.

Eurol Lube PL BIO with SYNGIS Technology is a predominantly plant-derived lubricant that is readily biodegradable. It is a product that aligns with organizations seeking to make their operations more sustainable without compromising the lubricating and protective properties of Eurol SYNGIS Technology. The lubricant is suitable for open lubrication points such as couplings, bearings, hinges, and cables.

The Refill Aerosol Station is a user-friendly system specifically for refillable spray cans. It enables users to directly fill Eurol products and compressed air into the spray. Refill Aerosol Station aligns with organizations aiming to promote sustainability and significantly reduce waste. It is a simple and environmentally friendly solution as an alternative to propellants and disposable sprays.

Eurol Lube PL FD and Lube PL BIO are available in a 20-liter can. This packaging can be directly connected to the Refill Aerosol Station. In the autumn, both new products will also be available in a standard 400 ml spray can variant.

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