19 de junho

Novidade: Eurol ATF 7400 óleo de transmissão para transmissões de 9 velocidades da Mercedes.

New: Eurol ATF 7400 for Mercedes 9-speed transmissions

Eurol introduces the ATF 7400, a transmission oil that meets the new Mercedes MB236.17 specification. The ATF 7400 is ideally suited for the new 9-speed transmissions from Mercedes Benz, but is also universally applicable in automatic transmissions of other car brands and types.

Compared to 3-, 4-, or 7-speed transmissions, a 9-speed transmission has a much wider range, allowing the engine to run more often and longer at optimal RPM. This technology places higher demands on the transmission oil, and Eurol ATF 7400 meets all the requirements. Moreover, the 9-speed transmission from Mercedes Benz is designed to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Eurol ATF 7400:

  • Meets MB specifications 236.12/14/15 and 17, making it a must for all Mercedes specialists.
  • With various OEM specifications from VW, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Aisin Warner, it is excellent for universal garages.
  • Offers wear protection throughout the entire oil change interval, keeping the transmission performing optimally.
  • Provides excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion, and foaming, ensuring consistent and good performance.
  • Available in 1-liter, 20-liter, and 60-liter packaging. The 20-liter package is ideal for garages with an ATF Flush machine.
  • Available under Eurol article number E113647.

For the suitability of this engine oil for specific vehicles, we refer you to our oil advisor.

Product specifications of Eurol ATF 7400

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