26. Juni 2020


Which lubricants are used in the Riwald hybrid truck?

Only the best lubricants are good enough for the toughest rally in the world. That is why the Riwald Dakar team has been relying on Eurol quality for years. The hybrid drive system of the new Renault C460 hybrid edition truck requires the utmost of our lubricants. In the picture below you can see which Eurol products are used in the hybrid truck.

Eurol Swift Clean Foam Spray - a clean truck and good visibility through the windscreen with this multifunctional foam cleaner. Ideal for cleaning and degreasing glass, plastic, metal and other water resistant coated surfaces.

Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S Spray - grease ideally suited for the lubrication of bearings. It provides protection in the most extreme environments, such as (salt) water and high temperatures. The grease contains a high dose of SYNGIS additive for additional emergency lubrication.

Eurol Geo-Max 10W-40 - a fully synthetic engine oil for optimum performance of modern trucks, including the Renault hybrid truck.

Eurol Additive-S Engine - oil additive to give extra performance to the heavy-duty diesel engine. It significantly extends the life of the moving parts under extreme load.

Eurol BIO Grease SI-000/101-S - due to the high torque of the electric motor, huge forces are exerted on the final drive; the transfer box has to cope with 24,000 Nm. This fully synthetic hybrid grease keeps the temperature of the metal twenty degrees Centigrade / Celsius lower and significantly reduces wear in the wheel hubs.

Eurol Safe Clean Brake - special brake cleaner for quick, safe and effective degreasing and cleaning of brakes, brake lines, brake discs, engine components, contact points, spark plugs, chains and metals. This product is part of the recently introduced Eurol Safe Clean product line.

Eurol Grease CS-2/103-S - the wheel bearings and U-joints are lubricated with this high performance grease, developed for extreme situations. It significantly reduces sand and water ingress. If it does penetrate, it is neutralised and the lubricating effect remains intact.

From Dakar to daily practice

The SYNGIS Technology in Eurol Specialty products ensures that lubricating and protective properties are maintained in extreme conditions. The technology is characterised by a synergistic combination of the latest additives with synthetic base oils and thickeners. This combination ensures the lowest possible friction and highly protective properties. These high-quality properties ensure that our products are ideally suited for applications in heavy industry, agri, truck, offshore, shipping and earthmoving. We guarantee an increase in production capacity, lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. Furthermore, nearly all Eurol Specialty products are free of microplastics and none of the products contain chlorinated paraffins. Health, safety and the environment are important considerations in all Eurol Specialty product development.

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