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App Racing Engines

Caso práctico de APP Racing Engines: Desgaste del motor debido a la arena.
Material Savings
Increase in Power: 1.6%Reduction in Wear: 60%
Description of situation

Engine ran on a standard 10W-60 every year. Engine experienced engine wear throughout Dakar rally because of sand ingress. Also occasional drop in oil pressure.

MarketRace & Rally
Lubrication PointEngine
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 10W-60
Article NumberS099002-4L
Product UsageMore efficient lubricant

Eurol Specialty Racing 10W-60 offers a higher oil pressure and an improved film thickness on the moving parts of the engine. It offers protection against wear, from the cold start up to high operating temperatures. The oil is not susceptible to shear losses, maintaining its viscosity throughout the drain interval.

Customer testimonial

Aart Andriessen, CEO, APP Racing engines: “13 kPa increase in oil pressure, excellent wear protection, reaches peak power earlier, peak power output increase of 6 bhp across a wider RPM range. Peak torque increase of 9 Nm.”