9 de mayo

BMW endurance gearbox

Transmisión y caja de cambios para carreras de resistencia con Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140 para BMW F80 M3 Competition.
Material Savings
Increase in Power: 20%Reduction in Wear: 55%
Description of situation

The gearbox was operating at more than 130°C sump temperature during a 12h endurance race with the current transmission oil. Outside temperature was approximately 17°C.

MarketRace & Rally
Lubrication PointTransmission
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 75W-140
Article NumberS099004-1L
Product UsageTransmission oil

With Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140 in the gearbox, during another 12h endurance race, the sump temperature did not exceed 110°C, while the outside temperature had increased to 32°C. This is a direct result of lower friction in the gearbox. Used oil analysis indicated a wear reduction of 55% over a race weekend.

Customer testimonial

Joost Ursem, CEO, JR Motorsport: “During races, the new Eurol Racing 75W-140 oil reached a significantly lower temperature compared to Castrol Syntrax 75W-140.”