11 de julio

Efficient lubrication in the food sector

Cost Savings
€20,000 per year on maintenance
Material Savings

Less downtime and longer lubrication intervals

Description of situation

A Danish producer in the food industry was using an H1-certified lubricant that did not meet the required product specifications. Additionally, the lubricant was not resistant to common factors such as sugar, cleaning agents, and moisture. This led to additional maintenance costs and production losses, negatively impacting the business process.

Market Food Industry
Product Eurol Specialty Chain Lube S-AC 38 FD
Lubrication Point Conveyor belt
Article Number S001101AER
Product Usage More efficient lubricant

The H1 Food certification means that lubricants can only consist of a limited number of components. However, this can compromise both the service life and lubricating properties of the lubricant. The Eurol Chain Lube S-AC 38 FD contains SYNGIS Technology, which allows for no compromises in terms of service life or lubricating properties, despite being an H1-certified product. This results in minimal maintenance costs and production losses.