13 de octubre

Reduction in Wear, Bale Press Chains and Sprockets

Lubricación de la cadena de la empacadora de pacas

€3,000 saved per bale press

Material Savings

Extended lifespan of chains and sprockets
No more machine downtime

Description of the Situation

In an agricultural facility processing hay and straw, operators discovered issues with the transport chains. The chains were wet and sticky, attracting dust, sand, and plant material like hay and straw. These accumulations acted as abrasive material, causing the chains and sprockets to wear out faster. The pins and bushings of the chains were noticeably worn, causing the length of the chains to increase.

Because the chains were now longer, they no longer fit properly on the sprockets, leading to wear on the sprocket teeth. The accumulated hay and straw also increased the risk of chain movement fluctuations, known as "clattering," and could even pose a fire hazard. The team is now urgently considering maintenance to address the situation and prevent any serious incidents.

Lubrication PointDrive Chains/ Bale Press Sprockets
Used product Eurol Lube PL
Article NumerS009101
Product typeBale Press (all brands and models) Solution

Eurol Lube PL is a dry lubricant that penetrates deep into the links and rollers of the chain, where the need for lubrication is highest. After application, the lubricant dries out, preventing materials like dust, sand, hay, and straw from adhering to the chain. This results in an extended lifespan for both the chain and sprockets and prevents downtime during the pressing process. Lube PL is highly suitable for use in automatic lubrication systems. If no automatic lubrication system is present, the S009101AER (400ML spray) can be used as an alternative.