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Significant savings on fifth wheels

Caso práctico de Eurol Specialty Lubricants: Placa de acoplamiento.
Material Savings
Reduction in wear: 50%No need for clutch plate replacements.
Description of problem

A fifth wheel normally lasts as long as the life of a truck, but in Bolk Transport's situation an extra fifth wheel is most of the time needed. This is because the fifth wheel is very heavily loaded in extreme conditions. The application of the wrong grease causes an enormous resistance between the fifth wheel plate and trailer, resulting in grooves, iron filings and a broken fifth wheel as a consequence.

MarketTruck & Transport
Lubrication PointFifth wheel
ProductEurol Specialty Grease CS-2/502-S
Article NumberS005121-110G
Product UsageLubricating Greases

Eurol Specialty Grease CS-2/502-S reduces wear and ensures that the fifth wheel keeps running smoothly. The grease stays on the fifth wheel plate and does not leak. This makes the grease last longer, is more durable in use and therefore less harmful to the environment.

Customer testimonial

Gert-Jan Grobbink, Head of Equipment, Bolk Transport: "We have around 150 trucks on the road with a fifth wheel. Using Eurol Specialty grease provides us with ample savings on fifth wheel discs, because we don't have to install a new fifth wheel halfway through the lifetime of a truck."