6 de julio

Kraakman John Deere

No more bearing damage and downtime at John Deere Kraakman 

Kraakman, a John Deere dealer specializing in agricultural, garden, and park machinery, uses Eurol Specialty products. Parts of the corn chopper break down prematurely, resulting in downtime, loss of income, and repair costs. Thanks to the specialty lubricants, this problem is a thing of the past.

The crushing bearings of the chopper endure heavy wear during the corn season. The lubrication frequency is relatively high to keep out unwanted juices and by-products. There is premature wear due to the grease changing color. Oxidation also occurs.

Kraakman has recently switched to Eurol Grease CS2-103-S with SYNGIS Technology, a high-performance grease specifically developed for use in harsh conditions such as a corn chopper. Kraakman experiences that the grease bleeds less oil, thus adheres better. "Eurol Grease CS2-103-S has a high load-bearing and dirt-bearing capacity, is very water-resistant thus corrosion-inhibiting, and has a wide temperature range. The initial results are good, and the material lasts longer. That's what we want." 

The use of the specialty products on the corn chopper results in less downtime, lower costs, and better business operations.