4 de mayo

Rally Dakar 2018 con Toyota y lubricantes Eurol.

Eurol in Dakar: Eurol-teams reach rest day in Bolivia

After six tough days the riders, drivers, co-drivers and mechanics of the Eurol-teams reached La Paz for a well deserved rest day. Eurol supports them through out the Dakar Rally. 

Jurgen van den Goorbergh was the first to reach La Paz after a long week where he basically rode a bit cautious. Van den Goorbergh is well underway in his tenth and last participation in the Dakar and wants to reach the finish safely. Van den Goorbergh finished 55th during the sixth stage and made up some time to his rivals in the malle moto category.

Bernhard ten Brinke defended his third place overall during the sixth stage and did well. Ten Brinke looked forward to rest day but was happy with the way the first week went. In the general classification Ten Brinke still finds himself in a possible podium spot.

Tim and Tom Coronel had another good day and finished just an hour behind the days winner. The Coronel brothers solved some of the problems they had earlier on in the rally and seem to find their pace more regulary during the last stages.

Janus van Kasteren was back and finished in the top 10 during the sixth stage. Van Kasteren had ups-and-downs during his first week with rolling the car, losing teamleader Martin van den Brink but also finishing as best Dutchman in the third stage. Van Kasteren will be looking for more success in the second week of the rally.

Gert Huzink seemed to have some problems on his way during stage six, but he didn’t lose too much time. Steven Rotsaert is another man who deserves a rest day in La Paz. The Belgian truck driver finished 18th in the sixth stage.