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Introducción de la gama de aditivos Eurol Specialty Lubricants Additive S con tecnología SYNGIS.

Eurol Specialty: an innovator in high-performance lubricants

Under the name 'Additive-S', Eurol Specialty Lubricants is introducing a new line of high-performance additives with SYNGIS Technology. This new generation of engine oils and fuel additives is perfect for lubricating and protecting heavily loaded diesel engines, hydraulic systems, aggregates, and drives. The production line was extensively tested in practice, with impressive results, including fuel savings up to 7% and power gains of 2% in specific engine tests.

"The introduction of the Eurol Specialty Additive-S line marks the first time that we are applying the proven SYNGIS Technology to engine oil and fuel additives," explains Bart van Hoorn, Business Manager at Eurol Specialty Lubricants. "The synergistic effect ensures that lubricating and protective properties reinforce each other under extreme conditions. As a result, this new generation of additives performs better on all fronts than other additives currently available on the market."

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Eurol Specialty Lubricants Innovates with High-Performance Additives




Better operational management

The Active-S line can help companies active in the heavy contracting, transport, shipping, earth-moving, and agriculture sectors improve their operational management. "Our additives provide more power, less downtime, more operating hours, lower fuel consumption, and maintenance savings," says Van Hoorn. "This gives companies a competitive edge. Our additives have undergone extensive laboratory testing by our R&D department, as well as long-term engine tests and in the tough practical conditions of the Dakar Rally. We achieved 7% fuel savings in specific practical tests and 2% power gains in engine tests for the Dakar Rally."

S008300 – 1L Eurol Additive-S

Anti-wear additive for hydraulic systems and gearboxes

  • Improves the lubricating properties of traditional lubricants
  • Offers unparalleled protection against wear
  • Reduces friction
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Lowers operating temperature
  • Economical to use
S008330 -1L Eurol Additive-S Flush

Additive dat vervuiling, verlakking en koolafzetting losweekt

  • Verwijdert effectief vuil, koolafzetting en verlakking
  • Bevat geen schadelijke oplosmiddelen
  • Tast de eigenschappen van het smeermiddel niet aan
  • Veilig voor kunststof pakkingen
  • Bevat reservesmering
  • Zuinig in gebruik
S008310- 1L Eurol Additive-S Engine

Anti-slijtage additive voor diesel motorolie

  • Verhoogt de smeereigenschappen van diesel motorolie
  • Ongeëvenaarde bescherming tegen slijtage
  • Verlaagt wrijving
  • Verlaagt energiegebruik
  • Verlaagt de bedrijfstemperatuur
  • Verhoogt het vermogen
  • Zuinig in gebruik
S008320 – 1L Eurol Additive-S Diesel

Fuel additive for diesel engines

  • Reduces friction
  • Protects the fuel system against pollution
  • Neutralizes fuel pollution
  • Increases performance
  • Lowers fuel consumption

Over Eurol Specialty Lubricants

Eurol's Specialty Lubricants is a line of high-performance lubricants that helps to lower costs and increase efficiency. The SYNGIS Technology in the Special Lubricants line ensures that the lubricating and protective properties reinforce each other under extreme conditions. Eurol Specialty Lubricants was developed for extreme and changing conditions, such as high pressure and loads, high temperatures, and high humidity. The Specialty Lubricants range also contains certified food-grade lubricants that are suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.