4 de mayo

Apoyo con la fórmula de taller Eurol Service Point.

Introduction of Eurol Service Point garage formula in Belgium

Eurol is introducing the Eurol Service Point garage formula to the Belgian market. With this, Eurol is meeting the need for an accessible formula that provides garage owners with the necessary support to increase the return on lubricants.

Dennis Marsman, Marketing Manager at Eurol: "After the recent successful introduction of Eurol Service Point in the Netherlands, more than 75 locations have already joined the garage formula. We also received multiple requests from garage businesses in the Belgian market. Together with our Belgian partners and dealers, we have therefore decided to also launch our garage formula in the Belgian market."

Knowledge and Expertise

Eurol Service Point meets the needs of garage owners for knowledge in a world where lubrication is becoming increasingly specialized. The garage formula provides garage owners with the necessary technical and commercial support. This includes sales and marketing support, customized assortment advice, training, garage branding, packaging concepts, service desk support, garage equipment, promotional materials, and inclusion in the Service Point Locator on the Dutch and French-speaking Eurol website.


Marsman: "The garage formula deliberately has low entry requirements. We want garage owners to retain the freedom to run their business. However, commitment is required to meet the Eurol quality standard." Garage businesses that join participate in the commercial and technical training and receive the Eurol Service Point certificate. This certificate shows that Eurol Service Points have the necessary specialized knowledge and products in-house.

More information or to register?

More information about the Service Point garage formula and the registration form can be found here.