4 de mayo

Uso de productos durante el Rally Dakar 2021 por parte de Toyota Gazoo Racing: Eurol Specialty Racing 0W-40 aceite de motor.

New: boundary-pushing Specialty racing line

We are introducing the Specialty racing lubricants line with boundary-pushing wear protection and performance-improvement properties. Leading racing teams—including TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, Overdrive Racing, Comtoyou Racing, MKR Technology, Coronel Dakar Team, and APP Racing—were involved in the development.

The Eurol Specialty Racing line consists of 0W-40 and 10W-60 engine oils, 75W-90 and 75W-140 transmission oils, ATF oil, brake fluid, and CV Joint grease, all of which are available in a number of different types of packaging.

Less wear, better performance

Bart van Hoorn, Business Manager Eurol Specialty Lubricants, on the results: ‘We have applied our unique SYNGIS Technology to lubricants for racing and rally. The results are astonishing. Data from various racing teams indicate that Eurol Specialty racing products provide significantly reduced operating temperatures, more power, and higher speeds compared with lubricants from other racing brands. Through the reduction of wear, by up to 80% in some cases, the service life of equipment is extended, which is of tremendous importance in an endurance race such as a 24-hour race or the Dakar Rally. Eurol Specialty racing products increase the likelihood of reaching the finish line without suffering mechanical problems. A further advantage is that parts last longer, helping to reduce overall costs.’

Approved by top teams

Various leading international teams in a variety of rally, cross-country, and racing disciplines, such as the TCR Series, WTCR, NASCAR Series, autocross, rally sport, and the Dakar Rally, were involved in the development and testing of the Eurol Specialty racing line.

One of these teams is the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Dakar factory team. Driver Nasser Al Attiyah finished second overall in the 2021 Dakar and also won six stages. Glyn Hall, director of the Dakar Division of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing: ‘We used several Eurol Specialty racing products during the 2021 Dakar Rally. We saw no significant wear, despite this being an extremely tough Dakar. That is really great news!’

François Verbist, team manager of Comtoyou Racing, is also enthusiastic: ‘We used the Eurol Specialty racing line in Tom Coronel's Audi RS 3 during the WTCR races. The engine and gearbox data showed a clear difference compared to other racing products: lower temperatures, less friction, and better performance. This is exactly what we need!’

Technology from the heavy duty market

Bart van Hoorn, about the origin and development of the racing line: ‘We began developing Eurol Specialty lubricants in 2015 with the aim of turning years of expertise into the best lubricant solutions for customers. We leverage our SYNGIS Technology, with a synergistic interaction between lubricating and protective properties, even in the most extreme of conditions. Our main focus is on heavy duty markets such as offshore, earth moving, agriculture, and industry, where conditions demand the absolute maximum from our lubricants. Our lubricants provide reduced wear, improved performance, and lower costs, which we have now demonstrated in numerous practical applications.’

According to Bart van Hoorn, heavy duty and the racing world have a lot in common. Bart van Hoorn: ‘In both worlds the focus is on optimal performance in the most extreme conditions. This is why we have used the Dakar Rally as the ultimate testing ground for our products for so many years. It is with this knowledge and practical experience from the world's toughest rally that the Eurol Specialty racing line came about.

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