1 de septiembre

Nuevo lubricante Eurol Specialty grado alimenticio.

New Foodgrade Eurol Specialty grease

Eurol Specialty Lubricants introduces Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT. This new, synthetic foodgrade lubricating grease ensures smooth operation of bearings, especially at very cold operating conditions and avoids expensive downtime.

‘Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT allows bearings to run smoothly under extremely cold conditions and avoids expensive downtime’

Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT is a ‘dual purpose product’. This means the grease is suitable for use in two different key applications, being lubrication of high speed bearings under ambient conditions and slow moving beatings at extremely low temperatures. Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT is NSF H1 certified and therefore allowed for use in the food industry. It is also highly suitable for non-food applications.

Avoiding downtime

Bart van Hoorn, Business Manager Specialty Lubricants about the introduction: “The development of this innovative product ties in seamlessly to the Eurol Specialty promise to offer durable, high performance solutions to improve business operation and reduce costs.”

Extended lubrication intervals

Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT has been extensively tested, for example in bearings of a freeze tunnel for ice cream production. The major advantage of this product is that the bearings run smoothly at very low temperatures, ensuring the chain in the freeze tunnel does not malfunction. Wear is also kept to a minimum. Besides being highly suitable for low temperatures, Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT is very well suited to lubricate bearings at very high speeds and elevated operating temperatures. Bart van Hoorn: “The DN factor of this grease is approximately 2.000.000. In high speed applications, we have been able to effortlessly extend lubrication intervals threefold and simultaneously prevent downtime and wear. A spectacular result!”

SYNGIS Technology

The highly innovative properties of Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT are down to the composition of the grease, based on SYNGIS Technology. The product comprises a “hybrid” thickener and a synthetic base oil of the latest generation.

Eurol Grease HY-1/101 FD LT is available under article number S005185 in lube shuttle cartridges and in pails. The most important product advantages are:

  • Economical in use: lubrication intervals can be extended threefold or more, depending on the situation.
  • Preventing downtime: bearings run smoothly at extremely low temperatures so malfunction of bearings, chains and conveyors in freeze tunnels will be avoided.
  • Lower maintenance cost: the grease will last much longer so service intervals can be lengthened. Also wear less on components.
  • Suitable for use in the food industry: the grease has an NSF H1 certificate but can also be used in non-food applications.

About Eurol Specialty Lubricants

Eurol Specialty Lubricants offers durable, high performance solutions which increase production capacity, lower maintenance cost, protect both the user and the environment and lower energy consumption. The lubricants from Eurol Specialty contain SYNGIS Technology, ensuring lubricating and protecting properties are maintained in the most extreme circumstances. Besides lubricants, the range offers several cleaners, among which the innovative ‘Safe Clean’ range. A part of the Eurol Specialty range is NSF certified and can be safely used in the food industry.