13 de outubro

Cleaning and Lubricating "Anchors" in Prestressed Concrete

Caso prático Spanbeton
Material Savings

Reducing from two products to one, working safer, cleaner, and more efficiently.

Description of the Situation

In a construction involving reinforced concrete and prestressed steel cables, "Anchors," or steel clamps, are used to tension and hold the cables. Assembly paste was used to secure these clamps, but due to the high forces involved, the clamps often got stuck. Loosening these clamps was a time-consuming and ergonomically unfriendly task, partly due to the limited space. Additionally, cleaning the steel clamps with the used cleaning agents was ineffective in removing the assembly paste.

Lubrication Point“Anchors” steel clamps
Used ProductEurol Safe Clean Solve

Eurol Safe Clean Solve cleans perfectly at a temperature of 50°C and provides sufficient lubrication for the next use. The steel clamps are easier to remove, ensuring safe, clean, and highly effective work. Production and personnel costs significantly decrease, and from an occupational health and safety perspective, it's a step forward for your technical staff.