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Field Test Dakar Torque Converter

Offroad Racing: Buggy Jefferies - Eurol Specialty Racing ATF para conversor de torque
Cost Savings: €4,500Wear Reduction: 91.7%
Problem Description

A torque converter transfers engine power to the transmission. When unlocked, the torque converter constantly slips, resulting in friction and heat. The Beast 2019 used Swepco ATF, which burned and varnished daily, causing issues.

SegmentOffroad racing
Lubrication PointTorque converter
Product UsedEurol Specialty Racing ATF
Article NumberS099005-4L
Product UsageJefferies buggy, Coronel Beast 2020

In the Beast 2020, the torque converter was filled with Eurol Specialty Racing ATF, which can handle much higher temperatures and dissolves oxidation products, thereby preventing varnishing. As a result, the torque converter performs as designed throughout the entire Dakar Rally.

Customer Testimonial

Tim Coronel, owner and driver, Coronel Dakar Team: "Absolutely no issues with the torque converter. The ATF didn't even change color after an entire Dakar Rally, without an oil change."

The Racing Line in Brief

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