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Reduce maintenance costs and lubricant use in tulip cultivation

Caso prático de cultivo de tulipas: redução dos custos de manutenção com os lubrificantes especializados da Eurol.
Cost savings 
€5,000 per year
Material savings 

Reduced downtime and extended machine lifespan

Description of situation

Good lubrication of chains in machines is essential. This is also the case at Triflor in Oude Niedorp, where we work on a daily basis in the forcing, cultivation and export of tulips. In this case we will tell you more about how Triflor uses Eurol Specialty products to save on maintenance costs and to reduce the amount of lubricants needed.

Triflor uses machines on a daily basis to move the containers with tulip bulbs. The chains in these machines have to endure a lot. Without sufficient lubrication, this can result in damage and therefore downtime. This not only entails maintenance costs, but also reduces the efficiency of the machine.

Lubrication PointConveyors for tulip bulbs
ProductEurol Chain Lube S-AC 38 FD
Article NumberS001101AER
Product UsageFood-grade chain/cable lubricant



To make the chains in the machine run smoother, Triflor decided to use Eurol Chain Lube S-AC 38 FD. With this Eurol Specialty lubricant the chains of the transport machines are lubricated, resulting in less wear and tear and downtime. This increases the availability of the machines and allows the chains to last longer. In addition, the machines remain clean and less lubricant is required.