1. März 2021

Dakar Rally – the Beast

Dakar Rally: Eurol Specialty Racing 10W-60 Motoröl für den Jefferies Buggy
Cost savings
€8,300 per year
Material savings

Increase in power: 1.5%
Reduction in wear: 66%

Description of situation

During the Dakar Rally, the engine runs at full load for hours, causing temperatures to rise. In these conditions, the engine oil often becomes contaminated with grains of sand as well as fuel. A regular 10W-60 cannot protect the engine against cylinder wear..

MarketRace & Rally
Lubrication PointEngine
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 10W-60
Article NumberS099002-1L

Eurol Specialty Racing 10W-60 offers much better protection. This results in very low wear rates that are comparable to a healthy, standard engine. The viscosity also holds up very well and therefore ensures sufficient oil pressure at all times.

Customer testimonial

Tim Coronel, owner and driver: “The engine performed very well this year. With Eurol Specialty racing, the cylinder compression is still perfect. A recent dyno run showed the power output from the engine to be as before the Dakar, indicating less cylinder wear.”