30. August 2023

23054 Eurol Bild Einführung Ultrance BLUE

Eurol introduces Ultrance Blue 0W-20 engine oil

Eurol introduces the Ultrance Blue 0W-20, a fully synthetic fuel efficient engine oil. Eurol Ultrance Blue 0W-20 is specially developed for Ford EcoBlue diesel engines where Ford M2C952-A1 is recommended. It can also be used for engines requiring Ford WSS-M2C947-A/B1 and Ford WSS-M2C962-A1 performance.

Eurol Ultrance Blue 0W-20 is complying with the API SN Plus RC classification and ILSAC GF-5 standard, and has passed all engine tests for ILSAC GF-6. This engine oil is suitable for specific petrol and diesel engines, hybrid engines and alternative fuel vehicles such as LPG, CNG, biodiesel (B10) and ethanol (E85). In addition to Ford EcoBlue diesel engines, the Eurol Ultrance Blue 0W-20 is suitable for the latest Toyota, Honda and Lexus models.

Eurol Ultrance Blue 0W-20 has been formulated to reduce Low Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI) events to a minimum. The cleaning properties of the oil prevent deposits in the engine and turbo during the lifetime of the oil.

This engine oil is available in our 1 liter, 5 liter packaging, the 20 liter Bag-in-Box and 210 liter barrel under article number E100165.

Please use our oil advisor for the suitability of this engine oil for specific vehicles.