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Reduce bearing damage in the recycling industry

Caso práctico de Eurol Specialty: Reducción del daño a los rodamientos en la industria del reciclaje.


€7,000 per year.

Material savings

No more broken bearings. 10 fewer bearings need to be replaced each year.Besparing

Description of the situation

Proper lubrication of machines and machine parts, such as bearings, is essential. This is also true for Heros Sluiskil, a recycling company based in the Netherlands that produces and sells secondary raw materials. In this case study, we will tell you more about how Heros Sluiskil reduces bearing damage, saves on maintenance costs and reduces machine downtime with Eurol Specialty lubricants.

In order to obtain new raw materials from bottom ashes, i.e. the residual product that remains after the incineration of household waste, Heros Sluiskil goes through a recycling process. First of all, the bottom ash is stripped of iron and plastic, as well as non-ferro metals such as copper and aluminium. What remains is the slag, small stone particles. Heros Sluiskil uses a machine (see video below) to make the slag suitable for all kinds of construction applications. This machine transports and washes the bottom ashes so that harmful substances are removed. What remains is a clean, usable residual product for usage in road construction and landfill. The bearings in this machine have to endure tough conditions as a result of penetrating moisture and contamination. Without adequate lubrication, this can result in damage and machine downtime. This not only entails maintenance costs, but also reduces the efficiency of the machine.

Lubrication PointConveyor belts and washing drums for bottom ashes
Used productEurol Grease CS-2/502-S
Article NumberS005121
Product typeLubricating grease

Om de lagers te beschermen en lagerschade terug te dringen, besloot Heros Sluiskil gebruik te maken van Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S. Dit Eurol Specialty smeermiddel met SYNGIS Technology is bij uitstek geschikt voor de smering van lagers die opereren onder extreme omstandigheden. Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S beschermt tegen slijtage, is bestand tegen schokbelastingen en is waterbestendig. Daarnaast biedt het een uitstekende bescherming tegen de zeer corrosieve bodemassen.

Jimmy Bouwman en Adrie Deij, productie & techniek bij Heros Sluiskil: "Door smering met Eurol Specialty hebben wij nagenoeg geen kapotte lagers meer. Hierdoor zien we een grote afname in onderhoudskosten en kosten als gevolg van stilstand van de machine.

Eurol Specialty Practical Case Video Heros Sluiskil