4 de mayo

Toyota Hilux completa la Etapa 1 del Rally Dakar 2021 con lubricantes Eurol.

Eurol in Dakar 2021 stage 1: No big mistakes in tough first stage

The prologue was a tasty appetizer for what was to come, but on Sunday the Dakar Rally got underway with a proper first stage. In a stage where danger could be found everywhere, the teams supported by Eurol avoided major mistakes to bring in the cars safely. 

Toyota Gazoo Racing

The first proper stage of the 2021 Dakar Rally took it’s toll from a lot of competitors, but the teams with support of Eurol got through it quite well. Giniel de Villiers was the first in line in the car category, he finished in P7. Nasser Al-Attiyah calculated that he could lose some time on Sunday and so it happened.
Even though it was a bit more than he wanted, Al-Attiyah was still happy with the pace and the result of the first stage. He finished in P10 and said afterwards: "We decided to win the prologue, and we expected to lose time opening the road today. Tomorrow's stage is what really matters. I'm really happy with how it went because we made no mistakes...” The other members of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team managed the first stage well: Shameer Variawa finished in P11, Henk Lategan ended the day with P13.

Mammoet Rallysport and Riwald Dakar Team

Martin van den Brink had a solid day aboard his Renault truck. The Mammoet Rallysport-driver finished well inside the top ten of the Truck category. Gert Huzink was well in the hunt for top spot, but lost a lot of time in the second part of the stage. He still finished in P13. Pascal de Baar followed him closely in P15, Mitchel van den Brink had a decent start of the race. He overtook quite some of his competitors and got his first top 25 finish over the line.

On Monday the competitors will travel to Wadi Ad-Dawasir with another gruelling stage ahead


Stage 1 footage


Bernhard ten Brinke

Overdrive Racing’s Bernhard ten Brinke run into a bit of trouble during the stage, but bounced back in the second part. A few punctures cost the Dutchman some time, but there’s still plenty of racing ahead to close the gap to the front of the race.

Coronel brothers

The Coronel brothers had a quiet day at the office on Sunday and that was exactly what they wanted. The duo had no problems at all during the stage and they finished in P39, another decent result for The Beast.