12 de octubre

Euro 7 wetgeving update

Update on Euro 7 Standard: Delay and Revision of Requirements

Recently, there have been significant developments regarding the Euro 7 emission standards for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles. In this article, we provide an update on these developments and how they relate to the information previously shared on our website. We have already reported on the impact of these environmental standards for the automotive and Heavy Duty market.
Update on Euro 7 standard

On September 25, the European Council of Ministers decided to review the strict Euro 7 requirements, as previously proposed. This decision has led to a situation where the Euro 7 standard will not be implemented without modifications. The exact outcome and final requirements of the Euro 7 standard will only be known after the European Parliament has considered this issue.

In addition, EU member states have indicated that they do not agree with stricter emission standards as previously proposed under the Euro 7 standard by the European Commission. This means that there will likely be modifications made to the original proposals to accommodate the objections of the member states.

In previous articles (article automotive and article Heavy Duty) on our website, we have extensively shared information about the upcoming Euro 7 standard and what this would mean for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. With the recent developments and decisions of the European Council of Ministers and the EU member states, it is clear that there will be changes and modifications compared to the information previously shared.

Conclusion and Outlook

The recent decisions around the Euro 7 standard indicate a revision and possible delay in the implementation of the standard. For the automotive sector and vehicle owners, this means that there is still some uncertainty regarding the exact requirements and the timing of the Euro 7 standard. We recommend closely following the developments and we will share further updates and information as soon as they are available.

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Conclusie en vooruitblik

De recente besluiten rondom de Euro 7-norm wijzen op een herziening en mogelijk uitstel van de implementatie van de norm. Voor de automotive sector en voertuigeigenaren betekent dit dat er nog enige onzekerheid bestaat over de exacte eisen en de timing van de Euro 7-norm. We raden aan om de ontwikkelingen nauwlettend te volgen en we zullen m verdere updates en informatie delen zodra deze beschikbaar zijn.

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