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Submersible pump assembly/revision

Corrosión en bombas sumergibles
Cost savings
Value savings: up to €1,000 per pump
Reduced maintenance costs: 50%
Material savings

Reduced downtime: 50%

Description of situation

Good lubrication of machines is of great importance. Especially for equipment used in the offshore market, in which environmental and wheather conditions play a major role. In this case study, we show how our Specialty Lubricants contribute to reducing maintenance costs and decreasing downtime of submersible pumps.

Submersible pumps used in sea water, even with stainless steel housing, will eventually fail because of corrosion problems. Often simple regular assembly paste is used for assembly

Lubrication PointAll submersible pumps
ProductEurol Assembly Paste SG
Article NumberS006100-400G
Product UsageAssembly paste

Eurol Assembly Paste SG will provide unmatched anti corrosion properties when junctures between pump and housing are being treaded during assembly of the pump. Also parts like screws, bolds and bearings can be treated to prevent corrosion. This all results in a 2x longer service life. Furthermore, by means of Eurol Assembly Paste SG, less maintenance is required and downtime is reduced.

Product usage: about 20 grams per pump.